Kitchen Healing- Cooking Class -Tuesday

Vegetarian and Ayurvedic Recipes offered monthly

  • Learn- hands on
  • Gear up- bring your apron, knife and cutting board 
  • Make a complete meal & Enjoy it too!
  • Explore different tastes
  • Fresh & healthy food to fit your constitution
  • Learn food combining for better health
  • Balance your mind & body with food

Feta cheese with flat bread
Salad Shirazi
Yogurt with Cucumbers
Plain Basmati Rice
Basmati Rice with Dill& Lima Beans
Creamed Eggplant
Fresh beverages
Variety of Fresh Fruit

Where Yummy Greets the Tummy!

Please contact Gayle at The Dojo to sign up Now!

fb - *Yogini Sri* +34/669 043 993