NEW!! 2014 Weekend Yoga Retreat

Transformational Hatha Yoga

Weekend Retreat  

Rest     Relax     Deepen into Yoga     Learn Meditation Techniques     Disconnect     Recharge

January 2014 Friday 10 - Sunday 12

Start 2014 Fresh!  Revitalize your body, mind & spirit
The weekend retreat is located in the Vega Baja near the village San Bartolome.  The Finca is nestled amongst citrus groves, with walking paths throughout the farmland.  The home features 3 large double bedrooms downstairs one on suite, along with an additional full bathroom , 2 double rooms with single beds upstairs and another bathroom along side loft style salon.  A lovely wood burning stove warms the salon along with heating/air conditioning in each room. The home opens up to a large open patio area alongside a fully covered patio adjacent to the house. The pool area includes a chill out zone and a dining table and it's own toilet.  They have ample hot water & WIFI is available.  Treat yourself to a massage and enjoy vegetarian meals.

Lo Colorao - Casas Rural

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Meet Friday afternoon about 4pm, get settled, have a snack or lunch.
Practice a yin yoga class at sunset, followed by a light dinner at 8pm, free time or massage, followed by quiet time by 10:30. 
Meet up at 9am, 1 1/2 hour yoga class followed by pranayama & meditation.
Breakfast at 10:30, followed by free time to swim, read, hike or massage.
*1 massage per guest by request,  25 euros charged separately.
Lunch at 2-3pm followed by free time to nap, massage, relax etc.
Yin yoga class at sunset.(6pm)
Light Dinner at 8pm followed by free time, massage etc.
Quiet time at 10:30.
Meet up at 9am, morning warm up yoga class followed by 1 hour walking silent meditation.
Breakfast at 10-10:30 followed by free time.
Pack up and leave in the early afternoon.
The Weekend Yoga Retreat 75 euros per person per night
Includes room, meals, yoga, pranayama, meditation and more!
Massages should be requested in advance and are charged separately.
Contact Erin for more details

* Yogini sri * 669 043 993 * mobile *

Inter-Ser * NEW * Monday Meditation

Transformational Hatha Yoga Classes

with Erin

Weekly Classes @ Inter-Ser in Guardamar  
*follow the Inter-Ser signs from the lemon tree road   *see map here
  • Tuesday & Thursday evening at 6pm
  • Friday morning at 9am
Classes run 1 1/2 hours which include Pranayama, Yoga Aasanas and Meditation
Benefits include:
  • Increased flexibility
  • Strength & Balance
  • Balanced Breathing
  • Peace of Mind

Yogini Sri  or

July Workshop 2013

Ayurveda Health & Beauty
with Erin

Thursday July 4 2013 13:00-16:00
  • learn the diet that best improves your health
  • better understand your mind & body systems
  • improve your skin & hair texture
  • learn yoga postures to improve strength & flexibility
  • discover the keys to improving health & beauty

Transformational Hatha Yoga
*Ayurveda    *Yoga    Massage      *Meditation        *Pranayama   

* Yogini sri * 669 043 993 * mobile *

Pranayama - The Silent Healer

Prana is the life force, Yama is the control of this force
Transformational Hatha Yoga
Discover your life force and how to use it to heal, to grow and to enhance your vitality!
Yogini Sri

Spring Cleaning Detox

Holistic Detox with Panchakarma
Panchakarma is an essential part of Ayurveda. Most imbalances can be treated with this unique and comprehensive system of purification.

Benefits of Panchakarma
  • strengthens the immune system
  • improves digestion and elimination
  • reduces stress and restores the nervous system
  • balances metabolism and body weight
  • reverses the effects of aging
  • enhances energy, vitality and mental clarity
  • supports positive lifestyle changes
  • prevents and improves chronic health imbalances
Eliminating toxins restores health and balance as well as increasing longevity. Panchakarma is a physical, emotional and spiritual cleanse that aids in creating lasting positive change.

What you will learn
  • What is Panchakarma?
  • How it differs  from any other detox methods
  • Specific benefits of detoxing with Panchakarma
  • How to prepare the diet
You will be able to utilize effective cleansing methods immediately. Instructions are given for your own home Panchakarma, including: cleansing diet, herbal remedies, self massage, sweats, purgation, and more. This information packed class will empower you with the tools you need to effectively cleanse and optimize your health and well-being.
  * Yogini sri * 669 043 993 * mobile

July Yoga Retreat

July 21-27- Treat Yourself Well with a Wellness Retreat!

Inter-Ser Yoga & Meditation Center
Nature Hiking

Come and Join us for a one week holiday in Sunny Spain!  5 minutes to the Costa Blanca with white sandy beaches.  Imagine your stay in a beautiful & luxurious Spa hotel, breakfast daily, followed by Transformational Hatha Yoga & Meditation each morning.  You can relax at the Hotel Pool & Spa or at the Beach, enjoy a hike through the wildlife reserve and a Flamenco show with Dancing horses! 
All this and more!!

Contact Erin for more details
0034/669 043 993
to make arrangements!

Hotel La Laguna Spa Center
Villa Salada Flamenco Dinner Show with Dancing Horses

Yoga Retreats

Transformational Hatha Yoga Retreat in Spain

Package A- 750€ per person, double occupancy (2 persons to a room) - for June, July or September Retreats - Add 100 euros for August Retreats

Package B- 850€ per person, single occupancy (private room)- for June, July or September Retreats - Add 100 euros for August Retreats

What is Transformational Hatha Yoga?

Transformational Hatha Yoga 
is based on the premise that every individual harbors in the core of their being, the capacity to experience pure consciousness, characteristics of which are good health, emotional balance, mental and spiritual clarity. Transformational Yoga is an integral system, developed by Swami Vidyanand in India, that activates inner resources which allow you to live in a state of well-being and balance thus lightening the pressures of modern living. Yoga is not only asana, but it is an attitude, an awareness of your interaction with life and should give you the ability to handle any challenges that life presents.  While Transformational yoga uses hatha yogic postures in order to stretch and strengthen the physical body,  pranayama breathing techniques, mantra chanting, and meditation are also an essential part of a complete yoga system that purifies the chakras and allows the kundalini energy to awaken.  As a result, the effects of this practice are carried over into your everyday life bringing equilibrium and serenity to the physical body, emotions, mind, and soul...