Pranayama - The Silent Healer

Prana is the life force, Yama is the control of this force
Transformational Hatha Yoga
Discover your life force and how to use it to heal, to grow and to enhance your vitality!
Yogini Sri

Spring Cleaning Detox

Holistic Detox with Panchakarma
Panchakarma is an essential part of Ayurveda. Most imbalances can be treated with this unique and comprehensive system of purification.

Benefits of Panchakarma
  • strengthens the immune system
  • improves digestion and elimination
  • reduces stress and restores the nervous system
  • balances metabolism and body weight
  • reverses the effects of aging
  • enhances energy, vitality and mental clarity
  • supports positive lifestyle changes
  • prevents and improves chronic health imbalances
Eliminating toxins restores health and balance as well as increasing longevity. Panchakarma is a physical, emotional and spiritual cleanse that aids in creating lasting positive change.

What you will learn
  • What is Panchakarma?
  • How it differs  from any other detox methods
  • Specific benefits of detoxing with Panchakarma
  • How to prepare the diet
You will be able to utilize effective cleansing methods immediately. Instructions are given for your own home Panchakarma, including: cleansing diet, herbal remedies, self massage, sweats, purgation, and more. This information packed class will empower you with the tools you need to effectively cleanse and optimize your health and well-being.
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